20+ Best RainMeter themes for Windows 7, 8 and 10

    Almost every one of us knows that Microsoft developed Windows Operating system. A default version of home view is always present in each version of Windows OS whether it’s Windows 10, 8.1, 7, etc. Sometimes we get bored of those default interface and themes and want to see something different. That is the reason why today I am going to share 20+ best rainmeter themes for you. so, you can change your systems bored user interface by installing best rainmeter skins of your choice.

    20+ Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows PC | Best Rainmeter skins for you

    Even a good interface motivates a person to work and gives him/her enthusiasm. And by applying wallpapers, we can only change the background, but the interface remains boring. But there is an excellent opportunity for all Window users to customize our user interface too.

    We can do it with the help of Rainmeter Skins also known as Rainmeter Themes. It is a software with the help of which you can apply and customize different user-interface available in Rainwater Themes for Windows. So there would be no problem in customizing your Windows Interface in the Windows version 10, 8.1, 7, etc.

    What Is RainMeter?

    It is a software that shows the themes or skins in your Windows User Interface to change the skin of battery meter, WiFi, app icon, media player, sound, etc. and many more. Once you install the theme, it will change the whole visual experience of the windows user interface. So you have to download the RainMeter software at first, and then install it on your PC. You can download it from here.

    List of 20 Best RainMeter themes for Windows 7, 8 and 10

    Some of the RainMeter Skins for Windows PC in 2018 is given below. You can download these themes from their sites or the downloading link provided below it.

    Darkness Falls

    It is a skin with dark scenes on your interface with a night view. If you are a dark lover or you like dark interface on your PC screen, then you can definitely choose it without a doubt. You can change everything into the dark mode including wallpaper, widget, icons, etc. This new interface provides the best visual experience as a whole. This skin makes things for a user a lot easier than before.

    Darkness Falls


    End of the World

    End of the World is one of the best imagination themes to change your desktop visuality. It looks like an imaginary theme, which visualizes the world may go to end. This skin is not based on any real scenario. Thus you’ll see the half burning and ended world background with effective customization options and looks. If you are an imaginary lover who likes to think beyond the real scenarios, then this theme is for you.

    End of The World


    Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

    This theme provides one of the best galaxies backgrounds for the science fiction fans. This is a theme related to the universe that contains the visuality like the universe and gives you a perfect interface with effects of a galaxy in natural. As the name suggests, this theme is an overall suitable theme for a desktop. It has customization options that include an icon, folder, widget, etc.

    Galaxy Suite Rainmeter



    It is a theme with four color interface that includes Black, White, Gray, Red which gives an eye-catching interface. This is something extraordinary this skin provides you as you can get the looks of the same widget with four different colors. It also has music player widget from where you can play or pause or change the track according to your choice. You can add one more widget in the same place to have easy access.



    It is a classic skin with the help of which an abstract icon and widget design can be created. It arranges your desktop items in a structural way as a table or shelf. This skin is simple looking and beautiful. You can customize the structure as per your choice.

    Morph Rainmeter



    A theme that gives you a block type interface and all live notifications on your screen beside it. All the things are categorized in a tabular segment form. So it helps you to access all the notifications as well as all the information on the desktop.


    Raleway Skin

    A nature-based theme with a simple look for all the nature lovers. Classic and straightforward theme with all the widgets on your desktop with an option of customization. It will give you a fresh look while using your PC.



    A pure Rainmeter skin with a toxic wallpaper which perfectly matches with the rain meter gadgets. You can see the date and time on the desktop as well. So if you want a simple as well as cool looking theme at the same time toxic would be the best to choose.



    This is a theme for all IRONMAN lovers. It is one of the best skins for all the Windows versions. It gives your PC a look like the Ironman’s JARVIS computer.



    It gives you a very user-friendly interface and creates an elevated structure on the screen by arranging all the useful icons and widgets. The main visual looks like an architecture model in which all the apps are arranged in a block-like structure.


    Windows 2019

    Windows 2k19 is one of the most popular skins for Windows. It provides easy customization within which you can get news feed, weather notifications on your screen only. It lets arrange all the things properly and decorate you the desktop as per your requirements. You can get live weather updates, emails, events, etc. on your screen if you keep your PC connected to the internet.


    Mass Effect Skin

    It provides an aero effect on your screen. You don’t need to use any aero wallpaper to have that effect. With this theme, you can get all the icons, widgets, music player and all the other things on your screen.


    Pog Pack

    It provides you an instrument cluster type design from which you can access all the needful things. This is a type of analog cum digital view mixed in a single screen to provide you a custom look of the screen. You can feel all the visual effects on your screen while using the interface.


    My Rainmeter Desktop

    This is another universe related theme to experience the “universe” effect. It consists of various planets, moon, sun, stars, etc. You can customize all of them according to you along with the icons, widgets, music player, etc.



    As the name suggests, this is another universe and space-related theme. This is a stunning theme and looks cool at the night time or dark time. The effects make you feel like you’re in space. You can customize all the things easily and transform them into the space look too.



    This is a classic theme with one of the best interfaces. It is a simple looking theme with a white background having customization bar at the top of the desktop. It is user-friendly and easy to customize.


    Eker Lina Rainmeter

    A theme with a greenish effect having a crystal clean visuality on your desktop items. Widgets are fully customizable. The main features include live weather, time, CPU status notifications and much more at the same time. You can change the background and widget color and combination too.


    Moon Glow

    Simple and beautiful natural effect with a cool background which gives an attractive look to the widgets on the screen. You can add the outside temperature, time, weather condition, date, etc. widgets as per your needs.


    Before Dawn

    Before Dawn is a theme that will give you a fresh and cool effect along with a natural user interface. The all in one bar would give you all the information including live widgets and their notifications on the screen. This is very easy to use on a desktop as well as on a laptop.


    B&R Radar Clock

    If you are into airplanes, then this would be your first choice. You can customize your whole desktop into an airplane blueprint with a working radar. This radar is nothing else but a working clock. You can change the color of the text by just changing the “Tint=255,0,0,255” to something else depending on your color code.


    So, guys, this was my article on 20 Best Rainmeter skins. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this.

    If you have any question to ask about RainMeter Windows skins or related to setting them up, Kindly share in the comment section below so our team can assist you ASAP.

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