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    10 Best Anime Streaming Sites

    Are you also obsessed with a lot of ads while watching animes? Well, after the KissAnime wents down, I have received a lot of mails asking me for the best anime streaming sites that don’t show too many ads.

    I am also an anime lover and since KissAnime shuts down I also started searching for sites with good content and shows less advertisements. And after visiting and using more than a 100 online streaming sites, I have found these 10 sites that can cure all of your issues. Every site has there different qualities and I suggest you to try each of the site for getting the best site as per your requirements.

    Animes are most famous around the world and most of the people like to watch animes online instead of downloading them from torrent. Animes are one of the most addictive things that I have ever meet. Animes are easily available on TV channels of JAPAN but it becomes a really tough task if you belong from an American or any other country outside of JAPAN. Like I am from India and it is a very difficult task for me to watch anime series and movies because it is not easily available on my location.

    That’s why I prefer to watch anime online. But when you search for watch anime online, you’ll get know that there are a lot of sites that shows a lot of shitty advertisements. It annoys me as well and that’s why today I am going to share a list of 10+ best free anime online streaming sites. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this article. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started-

    Best Anime Online Streaming Sites | Best sites to watch Anime Online

    So, here I am going to begin my list of 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites.


    This is the best anime streaming site to watch anime online. It has a large number of animes in its database so you can browse watch lots of anime online on this site. Also, 9anime provide good quality video and video in higher resolution so you can watch online anime is very nice quality. The most attractive point of this site that you can watch a large number of anime in high definition quality in this site. Also, you will notice on this site that it has an option of requesting a specific episode on this site which you can use for requesting a specific episode of any anime series. Also, you can find some categories it this site in which also you will have some of its subcategories where you can find anime that you need to watch or which one you want to watch online. You can use this site to watch anime online or stream any anime online.

    Click here to go 9anime


    Kissanime is also one of the most famous online streaming anime sites which provide you a very good quality content. It also has a very broad database in it so you can find lots of anime episodes or lots of anime videos which you can watch in higher definition and HD quality. This site has an option of anime list where you can find a lot of animes in your fingertips easily by browsing anime in anime list. This site also provides you a search option where you can type the name of anime you want to watch and find it quickly by searching on this site. this site also has an option of requesting a specific episode or anime video for your need. Also, you can report any problem or error on this site so they will fix it.

    Click here to go to KissAnime.


    In our list, there is also a good site available to watch anime online and that is gogo anime and this site offers you a very large amount of animes. Which you can enjoy online in HD quality as well as in higher resolution. This site provides you anime in dubbed version so you can enjoy them in the English language. They also provide you an android app to watch online animes on their servers. This site has a lot of anime episodes and anime movies to enjoy online. You can visit gogo anime and enjoy your favorite anime on it.

    Click here to go to Gogo anime

    Anime Freak

    Anime freak is also one of the best online anime streaming site that can let you enjoy your favorite animes online in higher definition and in very high visual quality. They have provided some of the filters on this site like you can browse your favorite anime by their genre, by alphabetical format, you can also browse latest episodes, latest anime, popular anime etc. It also has a search bar which helps you to search your favorite animes on this site.

    Click here to go to Anime Freak


    Anime here is also a very good site to watch anime online. It produces a very good quality content to its user. You can watch your favorite animes in a higher definition in this site. This site allows you to watch your favorite anime episodes in dubbed English version. Also, this site gives you an option to search your favorite or specific anime episode or video series. It also gives you some category to watch anime as you need or as you like. You also get an option of requesting a specific anime episode.

    Click here to go to AnimeHere


    This is also one of the best online anime sites in which you can enjoy the various anime in great quality. Also, they provide anime in English dubbed version so you can enjoy them in the English language. This site also has some categories on it where you can find anime for your taste.

    Anime Ultima

    Anime Ultima is one more best site that provides you lots of anime to watch online. You can watch HD anime videos on this site anytime anywhere online. It provides various categories of anime in which you can find anime for your need or whichever you want to watch online on this site. There are lots of options available for anime from which you can find your favorite one.

    Click here to go to AnimeUltra


    This is the awesome site for online anime that you can visit for online anime streaming and find lots of cool and your favorite anime to watch online. This website has a lot of options in it for your help to find your favorite anime video or anime episode that you want to watch. If you are visiting this site then you will find that this site also has an option or filters where you can find your favorite anime video by alphabetical order, or you can find newest one or the popular one.


    This is the best site for online anime streaming. If you are an anime lover or if you like watching anime then you can watch them from Funimation where you can find a lot of various kind of anime there. It may depend on your country that this site is supporting your country or not but this is a great site for online anime streaming. you can have a look at it and find some of your favorite anime videos and watch them online.


    Hulu is also one of the best online streaming sites where you can stream your favorite anime videos and anime episodes also you can watch lots of tv programme and movies online and live. This site is not free but you can have a free trial of this site and after your satisfaction, you can buy a plan as you need. it depends on you that you want to buy a plan or not because there are also lots of options available for free anime streaming online.

    Well as most of the people love to watch anime but some of the people can’t manage time to watch anime on tv episode so if they want to watch their favorite anime online when they have time and when they are free to watch. There are lots of online streaming sites available for online anime streaming.

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