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    10 Best Free Music Downloader For Android

    Music has become a part of our lives. Every one of us likes to listen to music to relieve stress, enjoy the moment, etc. Well, sometimes you search on the internet, but you see a lot of ads, and the download link redirects you to somewhere else.

    Music has become the way to express our feelings to others. We’ve got a developed technology now to listen to music through different modes. That’s why sometimes we listen to it online and sometimes offline.

    Sometimes the music you want to download or listen comes in premium. Sometimes you’re running out of data. So you have to download those songs and music offline. There are a lot of free downloader for Android are available on the internet. There are paid versions as well. Some of the paid versions give their trial version too. So, today I am going to tell you 10 best free music downloader for android.

    Best Free Music Downloader List

    Google Play Music

    It is one of the best free mp3 downloaders for android. This app allows you to discover and play 5000+ songs. Google play music has a wide collection of songs which approximates around 35 million. It also has a smart recommendation feature.

    This feature shows songs according to your history and previous searches. So you can quickly find the popular songs with the help of this feature. For downloading songs from this app, you have to subscribe it which costs around $9.99 month.

    Believe me, because of its massive list of songs investing in Google Play music worth it. You can listen to songs on any device like iOS, Android or Windows. That’s why it is included and topped in the best free music downloader list.


    It is another popular app which allows you to download music offline. You can listen to any song in this app. It contains originally composed songs and the remix/different compositions or versions made by others as well. This app also allows you to share your music with others on this app.

    You can share your playlists with your friends. You can listen to your friend’s playlists or your favorite artist’s playlist too. Offline downloading of songs is available in its premium feature. The premium feature costs around $9.99 per month(for iOS-$12.99).

    WYNK Music

    Wynk music has gained a vast growth in a very short period. This app contains a wide collection of songs in their database which approximates around 2 million. You can get popular songs made by famous artists around the globe easily. That’s why a lot of people are using it.

    The interface of this app is simple and attractive. This app has free and paid versions. Free version contains advertisements and lacks some other features too.

    But if you are an Airtel user then you can get paid version free while other operators can enjoy this app at Rs 99 per month.


    Like other three apps, Spotify is also a popular app across the globe for online music and offline downloading. It has free and paid versions. It has millions of songs in its store. You can search your song by typing its name, artist, playlist, album and even by using the username of the uploader.

    The free version contains annoying ads while the premium version enables you to download the song offline and store in your device. You can even create a playlist of your own and can share it.


    This is also an app which is popular around the globe containing a large database of songs stored in it. This app also plays video in it and the recent update, it has added a mini music player in their features.

    So if you are searching for an app to download music along with videos, then this app is for you. But like other apps, free version lacks some features.


    It is one of the best free music downloaders as it has a wide collection of songs that you can download offline freely. It also lets you share your creativity with others to get recognition. You can easily search your favorite track and create a playlist to download it.

    It provides you 15 GB of cloud space to create your playlist. You can even upload your favorite tracks from your Android device. It is freely available on the Google Play Store, and that’s why it is the best free music downloader.


    This is also an app which contains a vast collection of songs that sums up around 35 million from 35 countries. It doesn’t contain annoying ads and allows you to do the stuff and playthings around easily.

    You can create your playlist and do the similar stuff like as mentioned in similar apps above.


    If you are a fitness freak, then this app is for you. Usually while gyming, we get some songs in the playlist that doesn’t fit in the gym environment and thus, your flow gets broken. So, this app contains music with the light DJ touch and energetic stuff that could help you to enhance your workout.

    This app also allows you to create your playlist and download the songs offline from there.


    This is another popular music downloader app which lets you download the songs offline without investing or spending a single penny on it. Well, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any premium feature. But its premium feature is just for removing ads, hence, you can manage it in the free version.

    The interface is pretty functional and simple to use. This app doesn’t occupy large space on your device, and you can easily handle it. So if you are searching for free music downloader apps, then this could be the perfect choice for you.


    You might be wondering why I included tubemate in this list when it is a video downloader app. But it contains a hidden feature that allows you to download the video in an mp3 version for free.

    All you have to do is just to tap on the download icon, and you’ll get the option to download the music in mp3. But you need to have mp3 music converter to convert your file into the mp3 version.


    All of the music downloader apps mentioned above are useful, but I would recommend you to go with google play music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

    In case of a completely free version, you can use 4shared and Songily. this is is the list of best music downloader free and paid versions. For any further query, you can connect with me in the comment section.

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