How to review Hosting before purchasing a hosting plan?

    At present, there are a large number of hosting companies claiming to ensure the top-notch hosting service. However, can all of them keep their promise? The answer is No. In this case, before making a deal, many webmasters choose to search for some online reviews of their target web host, from which they can get useful and objective information on whether this hosting company can ensure the quality service.

    However, are all of these reviewing articles informative and worth reading? In the following, we’d like to tell you something about this aspect in a detailed manner.

    Necessity For Reading a Hosting Review

    Before signing up with a hosting provider, you need to do a lot of preparations with the following questions.

    • Is their hosting charge affordable enough to fully meet your maximum budget?.
    • Do they offer all the features you need to set up and manage your website?.
    • Are they reliable enough to ensure you at least 99.99% uptime?.
    • Can they achieve the fast speed along with the short server response time?.
    • Do they offer responsive and competent technical support?.
    • Do they achieve a high level of customer satisfaction? And many more.

    To be frank, figuring out all of these aspects manually can be difficult and time-consuming. In this case, it is highly recommended to read the reliable hosting reviews about these web hosts, which judge the hosting quality in an objective manner.

    BestHostingSearch, for instance, is one of the leading hosting review sites that contain hundreds of hosting reviews for all the popular hosting providers in the market. To check the hosting solution of a company, their experienced reviewers and editors are required to finish the following three tasks.

    • Start the uninterrupted monitoring for testing the uptime and page loading speed of the web host. Generally, the test lasts for no less than three months.
    • Try the technical support personally to figure out the reply efficiency.
    • Collect a large number of reviews and feedback from real customers all over the world and make some analysis for the customer satisfaction rate.

    Even this site will give some recommendations for different awards, such as the best WordPress hosting, the best cheap hosting, the best blog hosting, and many more, based on the comprehensive reviews and comparisons. Here, if you are new to this field and are looking for a quality hosting provider to host your website, you can check these hosting company reviews to find out your target option.

    What Is the Worth Reading Hosting Review

    In fact, when searching for the hosting reviews for a web host using Google, you can find a lot of results. Some of them may give you a positive conclusion, while others may present a negative one. In this case, you might be wondering which of them are genuinely objective and precise hosting reviews. To figure out this, you can consider the below aspects.

    Be 100% Objective

    Some hosting review site may publish a positive reviewing article for their sponsored web host, acting as the online advertisement along with a lot of flattering words. In this case, when reading a hosting review, if the entire content is saying something good, you’d better forgo it as there are a lot of subjective opinions for the hosting service.

    Instead, if the article presents both the weak aspects and the strong points of a web host, it is much more objective and worth reading.

    Showcase the Real Statistics of Uptime and Hosting Speed

    For all the kinds of websites, the uptime and page loading speed is the core aspects as they affect the reading experiences directly. In this case, when reviewing a web host, these two points need to be checked in a thorough manner.
    However, for the majority of review articles, they simply showcase the information of data centers and web servers utilized by a hosting provider, for they have a huge impact on the hosting performance and uptime. After that, these articles will give you a simple result of whether this web host can ensure the fast speed and a high level of hosting reliability.

    To be frank, we do not think this kind of review is useful. After all, you cannot find the direct evidence and statistics that prove the reliability and the peak performance achieved by this hosting company. Instead, if the hosting reviews state clearly that their reviewers have done the real-world testing and monitoring and show you the detailed statistics, they are surely worth reading.

    Collect Real Customers’ Feedbacks

    Without a doubt, nothing is more convincing and objective than the comments provided by real customers. In this case, the true quality hosting review needs to be summarized based on customer feedback.

    In addition, it would be better for this feedbacks to be collected by hundreds of customers who are coming from different countries, based on different aspects such as the features, speed, support, price, reliability and many more.

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