Marianas Web Explained- Why it is the biggest mystery of the Internet?

    The internet is flooded with lots of conspiracies, but still, there are some like Moon Landing, Cicada 3301, Area 51, and Marianas Web are some of the most searched ones. Even I also love reading about conspiracy theories. I have gone through a lot of articles and journals of peoples explaining the theory of Mariana web, but none of them are written well and satisfying.

    Because of that, today, I am writing an in-depth article on the Internet’s one of the biggest mysteries, Mariana Web. I will try to cover almost every single part, and still, if I forgot to add something, you can tell us in the comment section so that I can do more research and update the article with proper details. So, without any further ado, let’s get started-


    Marianas Web- Biggest Mystery of Internet Explained

    Did you know that the internet we can access through search engines like Google, Bing, or any other SE is just around 2-3% of the whole internet? I know most of you didn’t know about it. Even I also got surprised when I knew about it for the first time.

    Because of that, I got more curious to know about it, and I know you might be interested as well. That’s made my mind to write this article, and here we are.

    In this article, I am going to talk about every single thing that I learned after researching this topic. Also, I am going to include some of the rumors as well and give my personal opinion on that and also why Mariana’s web is the biggest mystery of the internet.

    What is Mariana Web?

    Mariana Web is known as one of the biggest mystery of the Internet. Even when we know that the internet hides so many secrets; still, the Marianas web is the biggest among them. There are a lot of things that we are going to cover here. Let’s first talk about when it all started.

    So, all these rumors and talk about Mariana’s web started when a Reddit user published a post on his account. Here I am going to share the screenshot of that post. Also, that post has a video that I am going to add just after the screenshot.

    Marianas Web Mystery
    Marianas Web Mystery – Post of Reddit User

    You can say it was the origin of the conspiracy theory of Marianas Web. If you go watch the video, you’ll notice that there is a “binary code” displaying. For you, I have explained that binary code at the end of the video.

    Video uploaded by Reddit User – Mariana Web Mystery

    However, if you don’t want to watch the video now, here is the meaning of that code-

    Once you get in, you can never escape. Never try to enter; this is where you stop. Once you kill the dra…” **at this part, the message is incomplete.**

    “We are not alone; there is no afterlife, leave them alone, none of this is real, the earth is not real, living is not real, death is not real, I am a god.”

    So, it was the message that Reddit user published on his profile, and just after this, peoples started making rumors. There are a lot of things that I am going to tell you about the Marianas web, but before that, you should know about the internet first. It will help you in understanding it more easily.

    Multiple Layers of the Internet

    There are so many factors that you can use to categorize the internet. Since we are talking about the Mariana web, I am going to classify it as per the accessibility of a user and the content available on that layer.

    If you don’t want to read these facts, you can directly move to Why Marianas Web is the biggest mystery?

    Surface Web

    So, the very first layer of the internet is Surface Web. This layer includes all the data that is accessible with the help of any search engine. Accessing these data is pretty more comfortable, and you don’t need any unique browsers to access them.

    All the social media sites, journals, blogs, and websites belong to the surface web. Even the article that you’re reading right now also comes under the surface web.

    In an evident way, any data or website that you can access through any search engines are falls under the surface web.

     The interesting fact is, Google provides a lot of data that is just impossible for a human being to read, and still, it is just around 2-3% of the entire internet. Curious if Google has only 2-3% data, then where is the rest of the data? Well, you’ll get to know about it after reading this article further.

    Deep Web

    The deep web is the layer that contains the major part of the internet. According to so many resources, the deep web provides somewhere between 80-85% of the internet’s data. To access this data, you required to have the URL of the website. However, surfing this layer is not so complicated and accessible with a standard browser and the URL of the website.

    Now the question arrives, that why you can’t access the sites available on the deep web? So, the answer is pretty simple. Every webmaster needs to submit their website’s sitemap on the search engines to make sure that the site appears in search results. Now, if a webmaster doesn’t want to share data with everyone and wants to stay personal, they skip the part of submitting the sitemap, and that’s why these sites aren’t accessible that easily.

    Usually, this layer contains sites with databases and files that are available for authorized users only. It includes data like financial records, government organization’s data, legal documents, etc.

    Dark Web

    The rest part of the internet is famous with the name of Dark Web. As the name itself suggests that it is the darkest part of the internet. This layer contains all the illegal activities that you can not even think about. From gambling, guns, frauds, abuse to hitman hiring, child pornography, cannibals forums, live murders, live tortures, and so many other illegal activities can be found here.

    In clear words, the dark web is the place of all the illegal activities that you can do through the internet, and I won’t even suggest you surf it in your mind.

    The dark web isn’t even accessible with regular browsers. To access it, you need to install the TOR browser. TOR creates several layers of IP addresses to make you anonymous, but still, it just doesn’t guarantee you of your security. Peoples in the dark web use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to make transactions.

    Mariana Web

    So, this is the part you’re eagerly waiting for. Thus the name of Marianas Web is stolen from the deepest part of the ocean, Mariana Trench. Peoples says that it is the deepest part of the internet and the data in this part is highly encrypted and to decode these data, even a team of professionals would take half of their life.

    According to theorists, this part contains the data of government computers that use very secure internet protocols to make it encrypted and accessible with only whitelisted IPs. It seems to be untraceable and anonymous. The nearest version of the Mariana Web is the private networks run by governments such as GWAN, NSAnet, RIPR, JWICS, etc.

    Now here are the answers to all of your questions.

    What does Mariana Web Consists?

    It is believed that the Marianas Web keeps the best secrets of humanity. Even some peoples think that it contains the secrets of Atlantis Island too. It contains the secret data of the most potent secret agencies of the world. These data may include files, data, and a lot of pieces of information.

    Even peoples consider it as the home of superintelligent Artificial intelligence-based woman. They say that this woman keeps her sharp eye on every single part of the internet.

    Is it possible for a normal human being to access Mariana Web?

    Well, according to some theories, Yes. But still, these are just theories, and I didn’t saw any report where peoples say they have visited the Mariana Web.

    Since it’s possible, How can we access Marianas Web?

    Well, over the internet, there is a viral theory that says that we can access the Marianas web with the help of polymeric falcighol deviation, and for that, we need to use Quantum Computers. While on the other hand, there are a lot of experts who claim that Quantum Computers doesn’t even exist.

    If quantum computers exist, then how powerful these computers are?

    So the topic of quantum computers is debatable on its own. However, if quantum computers exist, then with the help of it, a particle can exist in two states at the same time. Because of this much stability and structure, even a team of professional hackers can’t penetrate the world of Marianas web. It means it is just not possible to hack it.

    A quantum computer (if exist) can solve a problem in seconds while our computer would take around 1000 years to solve the same problem. To fulfill all the needs of the USA, only four quantum computers are sufficient. By this, you can assume how powerful these quantum computers could be.

    Do quantum computers really exist? (My view)

    A lot of peoples say that these quantum machines do not exist, but I don’t think it is true. A very few peoples know that Google and NASA have claimed that they have a functional quantum computer.

    A few years back, Google and NASA have published a joint research report. In this joint research, they have claimed that after spending a lot of years expenditures on research, they have finally made a functional quantum computer. Moreover, I know that a lot of peoples don’t believe in it, but as we know that NASA keeps a lot of secrets, I think they were got success in creating a quantum computer. According to them, their functional quantum computer can solve a problem 100 million times faster than a regular computer.

    If we see the Washington Report of 2014, it clearly shows that NSA was forming a quantum computer. According to some pieces of evidence, it is claimed that NSA is working on to make a computer that can break any algorithm in seconds. These algorithms control all the levels of the internet. This information has been found through some leaked documents by the whistleblower of NSA, Edward Snowden.

    All these leaked documents say that this project was getting funds by the government, and they named it “Penetrating Heart Targets,” and according to that leaked documents, more than 79 million USD was already spent on this project until that time.

    So, does Mariana’s web really exist?

    As I already said at the beginning of this article that it is the biggest mystery of the internet, and it is not proved. Hence I can say that it is just a mystery, and I don’t know if it really exists or not.

    Over the internet, you’ll found 100s of articles talking about it. Some claim that it exists, and some say it doesn’t. All I can say that they haven’t done proper research yet and saying it after reading one or two articles on the internet so, just don’t believe in these claims and don’t conclude to any decision quickly. All because of this, Marianas Web is the biggest mystery of the internet.

    So, what do you think about the Mariana web? Do you think it is real or not? Share your opinions in the comment section below and let me know if you think I should add something else in this article.

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