Top 10 Learning Websites That Offer Students Inspiring Alternatives

    Whether you wish to top up your knowledge on a particular subject or want to learn a new skill, there is no limit to the number of online courses to help you on your path to success. In fact, with so many choices, figuring out which platform is the most suitable one for you can be a difficult task. here are top 10 learning websites to help you upgrade your skills.

    Top 10 Learning Websites List


    Coursera is a top eLearning platform that has a wide variety of subjects for students to choose from, including everything from musical theory to data science. The platform is accessible to everyone and many courses on their portal are either very cheap or even free. You can find as much as 2,000 unpaid and paid courses in over 180 fields related to different programs. It also has a mobile app, so you can access courses at your own pace.


    Founded by MIT and Harvard University in the year 2012, EdX is a great online learning website and MOOC provider. It offers high-quality articles from the best institutions and universities to students everywhere.

    Khan Academy

    Due to its popularity, Khan Academy has earned its place in eLearning by creating a free, self-paced online education system that has become the talk of the industry. It provides learners with an easy path and allows students to learn about any subject they choose. Students can enroll in programs and improve technical skills or learn about business subjects.


    TedEd is a popular stop for educational videos on general topics that you can access free. It has motivational speakers and has many topical videos that contain important information, often less than ten minutes. It serves as a great portal for students who wish to learn more about different topics.

    Stanford Online

    Stanford Online is a website that offers a collection of free courses. With the tagline “for anyone, anywhere and anytime,” it includes an extensive array of topics including language, human rights, economics, writing, engineering, physics, chemistry, software and more.


    Lynda stands out as a veteran in the eLearning space and offers a library based on subscription-based video tutorials. It is a great option for those learners who are visual ones and offers an affordable cost. Upon membership, you get to access unlimited videos (about 80,000 and more) on different subjects.

    Open Yale Courses

    OYC (Open Yale Courses) are open access, free, and non-credit introductory courses recorded in the classrooms of Yale College and available in different digital forms.

    Open Culture

    This is a website where students can access different free online educational opportunities. Learners can sign up and take classes on different subjects offered by numerous universities and colleges. The website comes with a unique design to grant students access to online learning and certification programs.


    Every month, the addition of over 800 programs takes place on Udemy. It is slightly more expensive than others are but remains one of the most popular ones in courses in technology and business. Before signing up for a program, you can view the details, fees structure and make a well-informed decision.


    Over 10 million students from around the globe enrolled in the world of Alison, which is an online learning platform that offers a free resource, education services, high-quality courses and community support. Each course they offer comes with a unique design, catering to the needs of those searching for a job, college placement, promotion, or business venture. You can choose from over 800 courses free, provided to you with diploma and certificate level education. Throughout the learning, you will have to pass assessments and score about 80%.

    These are the Top 10 Learning Websites that can help you gear level up.

    Sure, online learning is something that may not appeal to everyone, but the numbers of websites suggest there is definitely a strong interest in portable and convenient learning, most of which offer “study at your own pace” options. Take your time and choose the best option that suits you!

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