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    Why G700 is still the Best LED Flashlight on the Market

    There is a brand new tactical flashlight that appeared on the market at the beginning of 2016, and it is a military-grade tool that has only been used for the purposes of the US Military. The people have gone crazy about it, and it is no wonder because it is one of the best tactical flashlights one has ever seen. And since then, there has been an announcement that is finally available for home purposes.

    This is one of those LED flashlights that a person can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes, but it is mainly made for outdoor purposes. It is so powerful that everyone will be amazed after having it. With its high-performance features, it is made for adventurers, for recreational fishers, firefighters, etc.


    The G700 is a high-performance flashlight for which a new revolutionary LED technology has been used. This concept is today used only by the military and NASA. The new LED concept gives this military tool an incredible 700 lumens of lighting capacity, which is why it is being named the brightest led flashlight on the market. This also gives it the capability of reaching a stunning 3,000 feet of power. This feature gives you a higher perspective of targeting the object that can come in front of your eyes.  

    The main difference between a regular flashlight and the G700 is as mentioned above in the new concept that has been used. As would you like to know, the old LEDs have been replaced with new LED chips. This technology makes it 50 times more potent than the other regular ones, and it gives the portable light 4 watts of power, which makes it capable of producing light for an incredible 72 hours without ever being turned off.

    This feature mentioned above of lighting makes it actually pretty useful in cases like power loss. As you know, power losses are widespread in America, and sometimes they can last up to 3-4 hours. Who would like to stay at home scared without a light? A candle wouldn’t be that strong enough to give you decent lighting. Unlike the other ordinary flashlights, this one is powerful enough to turn dark into the brightest of the day. It is nothing like any of the torches you have ever seen; it is only a wonder of a flashlight.

    Battery and Powering

    Another beauty of this military tool is that it has a long-lasting battery. It has two double – AA batteries. There are two ways to power the cells. The first one is, as I previously mentioned, to plug it on a charger via a USB flash drive, and the other, the second one is to use the car adapter. The car adapter comes with the package, and it can be beneficial in cases when you are on your way to work or even better – on the way on your next happily planned trip.

    Thanks to the new LED technology, the light has a battery that can last up to an incredible 100,000 hours, unlike the other regular flashlights where the batteries last up to 2 hours. This feature is, in fact, great for camping. For example, if you decide to go camping for a week, you will be in a most desperate need of light, and we all know how irritating it can sometimes be the hand-held light lamps. Or let’s say you are on your night trip and your car lights won’t turn off or something, the G700 is that powerful that can guide you in the darkest of nights to arrive safely to your next destination.

    Having this military electric light in your life, you won’t have to change batteries ever again. The only thing you need to do is to plug it on a charger and wait for less than an hour, and then it will be ready to use. Thus charged, you can use the G700 Lumitact for three months without charging the batteries. Due to this fact, the flashlight is considered to be the most durable in the world of the market.

    The Body and its Design

    The body design of the electric light is another exciting feature, mainly because it comes handy in a few situations. First of all, it has a waterproof body which means you can use it on rainy days or even better – you can use it underwater and it will still function correctly and will surely do the job for you. This is a fantastic feature for scuba-divers or those who simply love to explore the world under the ocean.

    Second of all, the G700 has a healthy, designed body that is made from aircraft aluminum. This material has been used only for the tools in the US army and is made for multiple combat purposes. Thus well designed, it is considered to be indestructible and the most durable flashlight in the whole world as well.

    Another great thing about the body design is the sharp tip made on the outside of the flashlight. This can actually be helpful in a self-defense situation like when you need to neutralize an enemy.


    There is only one thing that confuses the lovers of the portable handheld electric light when they decide to order it – the whole thing is in the pricing and the cheaper versions available on Amazon, while the G700 is much more expensive. And this is where people usually make mistakes.

    The main factor is that the G700 is being made with a new LED concept, while the other cheaper versions on Amazon are made using the old idea meaning they have LEDs on it. If you want to make sure whether this statement is true or false, then you can order the two types of flashlights, and you can see the huge difference in durability yourself.

    Thank you for reading the article. I hope I gave you helpful information. Feel free to visit theg700flashlight.com and read the customer reviews and learn more about the price.

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