The Rabbit was one of the popular platforms because it helped people in spending quality time with their friends and family. This platform was free and easy to use. Rabbit allowed you to watch your favorite shows and movies with family and friends. You can even group chat while watching your favorite shows.

People who stay away from family and friends found this platform perfect to spend quality time with their loved ones. But due to lack of funding, it’s no longer operational. Therefore people started looking for Rabbit alternatives but didn’t know which one was the best alternative. Therefore in this article, I have listed the best Rabbit alternatives that will help you spend quality time with your family and friends.

10 Best Rabbit Alternatives | Sites Like Rabbit

All the alternatives listed below have somewhat similar features to Rabbit. Therefore you can try them out to enjoy a movie party with your friends and family. Below is the list of best Rabbit alternatives:

1. Teleparty (Netflix Party)

teleparty or netflix party

Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) is the best Rabbit alternative, and many of their features are similar to each other. You can use Teleparty to stream your favorite videos and share them with your friends. Netflix party enables you to watch Netflix content together with your group. You can chat with your group with the help of the group chat feature. Teleparty is an extension as well as a software-based application. So you just need to install the extension and use it on any browser of your choice.

2. Watch2gether

watch2gether is the best rabbit alternatives

Watch2gether is next on the list of best sites like Rabbit. It allows you to watch videos with your friends, listen to audio, and do online shopping. The group chat feature will enable you to interact with your friends via audio and video call. You can also send Gifs to your friends with the help of the group chat feature. It does not support Netflix and you need to purchase Watch2gether Plus to get rid of ads. Also, check out Best Subtitles Download Sites For Movies and TV Shows

3. Kosmi

kosmi: sites like rabbit

Kosmi is another best rabbit alternative, and you can use it to stream your favorite videos with your friends. Plus you can also play games with your friends. The group chat feature lets you interact with your friends while streaming your favorite videos. Moreover, the best part about this website is that Webcam is also available. You can use this website without any restrictions. Also, you can buy a cup of coffee as a token of donation for your friends on Kosmi.

4. Rave

rave watch together

Rave allows you to stream your favorite video content on both iOS and Android mobile phones. Since it is an application, it will not open on any of your favorite browsers. Moreover, you can watch your favorite shows from Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. The Rave application can be downloaded from the playstore on any mobile or tablet.

5. Twoseven


Twoseven is another platform where you can watch your favorite videos and interact with your friends. This platform does not support the audio commentary feature. But it focuses on live reaction via Webcam and maximum support for video streaming. Twoseven offers a chrome extension and lets you watch your favorite shows from Netflix, Youtube, etc.


invited tv

Invited is a platform that has a virtual browser in itself. It lets you do video streaming with your friends as well as family. You can also control the browser by selecting Request Remote. If you want to enjoy its unique features, then you can get a paid subscription. In case you get the paid subscription, then you can enjoy your watch party past 3 hours. Also, you can do a video chat with your friends.


mycircle tv: alternative enables you to watch videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. You can easily play your favorite videos on the website and watch them in complete sync. Plus, you can do group chat and share emojis as well as URLs from other websites. The webcam and audio support features are not available on this platform. You may find the registration process of this platform a little bit complicated. It allows you to upload your files to mycloud.

8. ShareTube


It allows you to watch only Youtube videos with your family as well as friends. You have to create a room and then share it with your friends to enjoy watching movies in sync. The group chat feature enables you to chat with your friends while streaming videos. It does not support audio chat and webcam features. Also, check out Best Spotify Alternatives

9. Syncplay


Syncplay is a platform that allows you to play content from your computer via a media player. It is available for multiple operating systems like Windows, macOS, etc. Also, it broadcasts your playback in a private room. You can share the private room with your friends and watch the content together. This platform is perfect for watching downloaded content. The only drawback is that it does not supports group chat.

10. Airtime


Airtime works perfectly on mobile phones, and you can watch Youtube videos as well as listen to music together. This application supports group chat. Therefore, you can Gifs and stickers to your friends. Also, you can do audio chat with your friends. Moreover, it supports up to 10 users in a single room which is a good thing. Also, check out 25+ Best Free Movie Streaming Apps for Android


So those were the best Rabbit alternatives and all of them have nice features. If you pick any alternative mentioned above then, you will have a great time with your friends. So go ahead and check them out. I hope this article was helpful for you. Do tell us in the comment section which alternative you liked the most. If you want to ask anything then comment down below.

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