Are you looking for the best Spotify alternatives? If yes, then you’re on the right page because today I am sharing a list of 10 best alternatives Spotify. I’ve curated this list after testing more than 30+ music streaming services, and after that, I picked the ten best. This list contains both paid and free Spotify alternatives. So, without further ado, let’s get started-

spotify alternatives

Spotify is one of the best music streaming service available on the internet right now. It boasts more than 248 million monthly active users, and more than 100 million of them are using their premium service. Their free service offers decent features but comes with a lot of limitations as well. Because of that, today, I am writing this post where I am sharing a list of 10 best Spotify alternatives that offer more features and fulfill all your entertainment-related needs.

However, if you want to explore the premium features of Spotify and have no budget, you can download Spotify premium APK from here. It is a modded version of Spotify that offers almost every single premium feature that Spotify provides to its paid users.

What are the apps similar to Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming app for almost all platforms. It is one of the giant music streaming services with a massive userbase. Although we know there is no such streaming service that can replace Spotify entirely. But these apps are somehow near to the service that Spotify offers. Hence we can consider them as Spotify alternatives.

Best Spotify Alternatives

Below is the list of 10 best music streaming services that can take the place of Spotify. So, here is the list of best Spotify Alternatives begin-


SoundCloud - Spotify Replacement

The very first free Spotify alternative is SoundCloud. It is prevalent because of the massive collection of music and podcasts. Since you can upload your own created songs with SoundCloud, you can get a lot of recreated, fresh, and similar versions of a song.

Another significant part of SoundCloud is that it is available for almost all platforms. Its free version gives you access to more than 150 million songs and podcasts. However, it comes with some advertisements. If you want to get rid of those annoying ad commercials, then you can try their SoundCloud Go+ service, which is paid, and you need to pay $4.99/month for that.

Pandora Music

Pandora - Spotify Alternative

Pandora Music is another popular music streaming service that you must give a try. It has a vast collection of music covering almost all genres. It also allows you to craft playlists based on your favorite songs, genres, and artists. It also offers curated lists according to your tastes, moods, and activity you’re performing. But in free subscription, you can only skip a few numbers of tracks and can’t make music offline.

Moreover, if you pay for their premium service, which starts from $4.99/month (cheapest on the list), you’ll get access to higher audio quality, unlimited skips and shuffles, offline listening, and many other premium features. Along with that, they offer a 90 days premium service trial that you can try to make sure if their service worth or not.

Apple Music

Spotify Alternative

Apple Music is an excellent alternative to Spotify. It priced at the same as Spotify Premium, $9.99/month for individuals while for family, just $14.99/month. However, they offer 90 days of free trial that you can try before making any purchase of their service.

Similar to Spotify, Apple Music is also available for all the major platforms, including iOS and Android devices. It offers a massive library of 50 million-plus songs. Their AI is excellent and gives you nice tailored playlists according to your taste. Along with that, you’ll also get access to their powerful SIRI that enhances your overall experience with them.

YouTube Music

Spotify Alternatives

YouTube Music is another popular newcomer in the music streaming genre. However, because of their popular entertainment service of YouTube, and a big brand name like Google supporting them, it has gained so much popularity in a minimal span of time. It also offers excellent tailored music playlist suggestions according to your played history, tastes, time of the day, and location.

It offers a free service, which is very much sufficient for most of us. However, if you want to download music to play offline or want an ad-free experience, then you’ve to go for the premium subscription of YouTube Music that costs $12.99 per month. However, if you already have a YouTube premium subscription, then it is entirely free for you.

Google Play Music

Best Spotify Alternatives

Another popular product from the side of Google. It offers a massive library of 40 million-plus songs. With the help and support of Google’s AI, it delivers curated lists according to your tastes, moods, locations, and time of the day. Along with that, they’ve already created playlists as per the activities like exercise, best pop songs, and others.

It offers both free and paid plans. Like standard music streaming services, you can get access to get into their library and play your favorite songs but ain’t able to download or make them offline. However, I like Google Play Music’s free version way more than others in the list and even more than Spotify because it doesn’t come with those annoying advertisements. The paid subscription costs $9.99/month and offers all the premium features like making songs offline and others. Moreover, if you’re already paying for YouTube’s premium service, then it will be entirely free for you.

Amazon Music

Best free Spotify Alternatives

Amazon Music is an excellent reputed streaming service in the market. It has a vast collection of more than 2 million songs to explore your favorite music. On top of that, you’ll get Alexa to ask for your favorite songs, and this amazon’s AI will find that song and play for you. If you’re an Amazon Prime user, then it is entirely free for you. And with this, you can make almost any track offline, get an ad-free experience, and unlimited skips.

Amazon also offers an ultimate subscription plan that extends the list to 10 million songs. Along with that, you can create playlists, listen to radio stations, podcasts, and access to their tailored recommendation feature. It costs $7.99/month and available for all the major devices, including iOS and Android.


Spotify Premium Free

It is an excellent service that offers both music and video streaming on a single subscription. It starts pricing at $9.99 for their premium service and $19.99 for their HiFi service. On top of that, it offers a 30 days free trial. It provides a massive collection of 60 million+ songs and 240,000 videos on their service. It contains songs and videos on almost all genres, which include documentaries, podcasts, interviews, video series, and many others. Even that on the best sound quality without any ad commercials.

However, it doesn’t offer any free plan associated with them, and you’ve to sign up for any one of the paid plans. You can make videos and music tracks offline, as well. Also, it offers behind the scenes, live concerts, meet-and-greets, exclusive access to the tickets, backstage contents, and many other things. Overall, it can be a perfect service for entertainment purposes if you’re okay to pay them for their service.


Deezer - Spotify free

It is one of the oldest and well-reputed music streaming platforms, which is popular because of its massive collection of 53 million-plus tracks. Along with that, it gives you access to over 30,000 radio channels, podcasts, and many other things. Deezer currently boasts with over 14 million active monthly users.

Their free service is excellent, but it comes with laden with ads that ruin the overall experience. So, if you’re ready to invest $19.9/month, then you can get your hands on Deezer’s Hi-Fi streaming service that also enables 16-bit FLAC music quality for you. It also removes the ads, allows you to make songs offline, unlimited shuffles, and skips. Also, Deezer is available for almost all major platforms.



After making a deal with Reliance JIO, JioSaavn now becomes India’s most downloaded music streaming app on smartphones. Especially if you’re from India, then I must recommend you to give a try to JioSaavn as it has over 50 million songs across Bollywood, Singles, English Tracks, and many other songs from Regional Indian languages.

Their free subscription comes with advertisements and no option to make songs offline. Although if you’re a JIO user, you’ll get access to their premium service for 90 days without paying a single penny to them and entering your card details. It’s premium subscription also allows you to play music in 320 KBPS, download songs, and removes ad commercials. If you’re from India, then JioSaavn could be the best alternative Spotify for you. In terms of song collection and features, it is par Spotify.


Slacker Music

Slacker is another top-rated service available on iOS, Android, and Web platforms to fulfill the need for music streaming. It allows you to create your playlist according to your tastes, tracks, genre, album, and artists. It read out your preferences and then recommends you songs according to that.

The free version comes with advertisements and limited skips of 6 per hour. While the premium version just cost you $4/month and enables offline listening, removes ads, and unlimited skips. However, it is only available for US and Canadian users. In case, if you’re not from there, you can try any other service in the list.


Spotify is an excellent music streaming service and has maximum monthly users. But in the past few months, it is getting a fierce competition with YouTube Music and Apple Music. Finding ten alternatives that can replace a giant like Spotify was a difficult task. However, In terms of functionality and features, some services can compete with Spotify.

Each of the services I mentioned in the list has its own strengths. Even I have already reviewed a few services on this blog, and I highly recommend you to read them before going for their service. With that said, it’s time to end this article here. If you have any questions regarding this list of Best Spotify Alternatives, you can shoot them on the comment section below, and our team will try to solve your query ASAP.

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