Many people want to interact with people, but they want their chats to stay safe and secure. Therefore people started using Chatstep. ChatStep is still active, but now people want to enjoy more features except for chatting. Also, people got bored of using ChatStep and wanted to try something new. Therefore in this article, I have tried to list the best alternatives for ChatStep that have multiple features except for chatting. Many platforms enable you to do video calls and meet the people you chat with. So I have listed some of them in this article so that your chatting experience gets enhanced.

Go through all the platforms and read about all the multiple features that these platforms offer. It is worth trying the ChatStep alternatives listed in this article.

best chatstep alternatives

Best ChatStep Alternatives 2021

Nowadays, people want to use chatting platforms that have multiple features except for chatting. Therefore I have below Chatstep alternatives that have multiple features except for chatting.

1. E-chat

e-chat: chatstep alternative

E-chat is a website that enables you to chat with your friends and lover. It is free to use, and they keep your details private. There are a lot of rooms where you can chat with your friends and lover privately. Another thing is that it is quite reliable and straightforward. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that someone will see your private messages.

2. Mesh

mesh chat website

Mesh is next on my list of the best ChatStep alternatives 2021. It is a very reliable platform because it has extremely well secured and private chat rooms. Moreover, it keeps your chat messages fully encrypted. This means that no one can see your messages without your permission. Also, it functions as a P2P connection which makes decryption difficult for other users. Plus, it keeps your personal information private, which is a good thing. All of your private messages stay safe with Mesh which is another plus point about this platform.

3. ShockRooms

shockrooms random chat platform

If you are bored of just chatting with a person, then this platform is for you. ShockRooms comes with a camera feature that allows you to see the person you are chatting with. It is free and easy to use. This platform is getting popular day by day because of its camera feature. There are a lot of things that you can do on this website. Also, check out Best Rabbit Alternatives | Sites Like

4. Omegle


This platform is really fun to use because it offers you a lot of features. It lets you choose what kind of chat you like to use. Omegle allows you do to video call and chat with your friends or lover. This platform is free to use, and it is a perfect platform for video calling. Plus, it keeps your chat private and allows anonymity to its users.

5. ZChat


You can use this platform to interact with all people in the world. ZChat is a user-friendly and good-looking platform that makes your chatting experience wonderful. There is a guide on their website that will tell you how to use ZChat correctly. Moreover, your database will store your data to protect you from any kind of spam or abuse. Plus, the new version of ZChat works on multiple devices types which is a really good thing.

6. ChatSecure


ChatSecure is a very popular chatting platform for providing a high level of security and privacy. The plus point about this platform is that it is backed by OTR encryption over XMPP. Also, you can create new accounts on their public XMPP servers. It is very easy and comfortable to use this platform. Apart from this, recently, they have added one more feature, and that is you can register in to the app using a Google account.

7. Chat IW


If you are single, then this chatting platform is perfect for you. This platform allows you to meet with people you chat with so you can try to know more about them. You have to fill in all the information about yourself, like age, country, name, gender, etc. Then it will connect you to the users near you. Chat IW is a very good-looking platform, and it is very easy to use. Moreover, it is extremely reliable and trustworthy.

8. Zobe

zobe chat with strangers

It offers simple as well as useful tools that enhance your chatting experience with your friends and lover. This platform allows you to interact with different kinds of people via chat and meet them. Moreover, it is very easy to use this platform as there is no registration process. You just have to enter your nickname, and your real identity will be kept private. Also, check out Best Subtitles Download Sites For Movies and TV Shows

9. Chatzy


Chatzy is the user’s favorite chatting platform because it is free to use and ad-free. It is extremely simple to use, and it can work on multiple browsers, which is a really good thing. Apart from this, it comes with many features like my rooms, public rooms, virtual rooms, etc. These features enhance the chatting experience; that is why it is liked a lot by the users.

10. Cyph

Cyph is last on my list of Chatstep alternatives in 2021. It is free to use and keeps your chat extremely secure. Moreover, it enables you to create encrypted messages so that you are not scared of hackers. Plus, it is very easy to use this platform as there is no registration process. Also, you don’t have to download anything. Apart from all this, encrypted cloud storage enables you to sync all your chat logs and files.


I have listed the best Chatstep alternatives that work in 2021. So go ahead and check them out. I hope you like this article, and it was helpful for you. Try these sites like Chatstep listed above to decide which one you like the most. Also, tell us which one is your favorite and if you have any queries, then comment below.

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