If you are an old internet user, then you might definitely know about LetMeWatchThis. After all, “Let Me Watch This” has been one of the best free sites to watch movies and TV shows for free in the past.

Best LetMeWatchThis Alternative

But because of having some controversies and legal strikes, the owner required to change the domain multiple times. And right now, it is not officially functioning, and only clones are available on the internet.

But banning such sites like LetMeWatchThis can not restrict internet users like you to watch movies and other content for free. And that’s why I am writing this article. Here I am going to talk about some of the best “Let Me Watch This” alternatives and LetMeWatchThis TV clones that you can use to fulfill your entertainment need. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it-

LetMeWatchThis – 10+ Alternatives and clones to watch movies for free

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LetMeWatchThis Overview

For a very long time, LetMeWatchThis was leading the list of top free streaming sites. It was one of the best services I ever came across. It allows its users to access all the latest films and TV shows without asking a single penny from their pocket.

It offers a nearly similar user interface to Netflix. It features a rating system that helps the user to choose only the best movies. You can also create a playlist to enjoy binge-watching.

But due to mass copyright strikes, the owners need to shut down the service. And that’s how the story of LetMeWatchThis ends.

Later, people started creating LetMeWatchThis TV clones. But like LetMeWatchThis, they also faced copyright claims, and most of them were entirely wiped out from the internet.

That’s why I decided to test out all the working Let Me Watch This clones and alternatives and create a list for my visitors so that they can enjoy watching movies and TV series for free. So, here are the best working LetMeWatchThis TV alternatives and clones-

LetMeWatchThis TV Clones

Free streaming sites often get shut down at times, either by copyright holders, government or as a result of issues facing by the site admins. Whenever something like this happens, so many webmasters start creating clones to make money from the defunct keywords of that website.

But sometimes, these clones strive to offer quality service and, as a result, become a great worthy alternative of such streaming sites. The same case goes with LetMeWatchThis TV. LetMeWatchThis shutdown leads us to get some worthy clones and here are these-


LetMeWatchThis Clone

PrimeWire is definitely one of the best LetMeWatchThis TV clones. And the fun fact is that the former management of LetMeWatchThis manages PrimeWire. The original URL PrimeWire.ag now redirects to the PrimeWire.li, which is the latest working clone.

The user interface is not identical to LetMeWatchThis but somehow close to it. On the homepage, you can find popular titles with the 5-start rating. It helps people who continuously look for new movies and shows to watch. Alternatively, you can use a particular section of movies and series, and use the search box to find out the content you are looking for. Overall, the clone offers a pretty clean interface.

Another thing that I loved about PrimeWire is that it opens the pages in the same tab. It significantly lowers down the chances of pop-up ads. Though the platform is ad-supported, you won’t find it much annoying than YouTube.


LetMeWatchThis Clone

It is another popular clone with a similar domain name. It offers almost 30,000+ movies and TV shows in almost all genres. User interfaces wise, this is identical to the previous clone, PrimeWire.li with similar functioning. The best part of this clone is that it gives multiple links to stream movies. It makes it much easier to stream without compromising with buffer or quality loss.

However, the thing that annoyed me the most was the featured section. It is a sporadic case, but sometimes when you click on the movies enlisted in the featured section, it redirects you to ads or porn videos. Now, this thing is not so common and very infrequent, but you should be wary to which links you’re redirecting to.

If we leave that thing apart, then it is another great clone of LetMeWatchThis. Additionally, it also offers a chat feature, where you can communicate with other users about movies and other stuff.


1Channel.biz is a remarkable clone of LetMeWatchThis. It offers a similar interface but in a dark mode that makes it look more attractive and appealing to users. Along with that, it is much more optimized in terms of page size and functioning.

It also boasts a featured area that contains all the popular titles of the week. It also allows users to review movies by which you can easily differentiate between a good film and a bad one.

However, the main thing that I liked about 1Channel.biz is that it doesn’t sport any pop-up ads. You’ll only see standard banner or links advertisements that are not so bad.


It is yet another clone of defunct “Let Me Watch This” platform. PrimeWire.ac boasts an identical design and user interface of PrimeWire.li but with more optimization.

As the design is pretty the same aesthetically, you’ll get a featured tab on the homepage with a chronological list of all the latest titles. Along with that, you’ll get the option to use the search box or filter movies and TV series, category-wise.

Like others, this platform is also ad-supported, but the ads are easily bearable. All thanks to not boasting pop-up ads. Also, unlike the other two, it includes a short synopsis of the movie and related movies section underneath.

So, those were the best clones of LetMeWatchThis TV. Now let’s discuss some of the best LetMeWatchThis alternatives-

Free LetMeWatchThis Alternatives

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There are tons of other options available on the internet that you can use in place of LetMeWatchThis. It made making up a list of best ones much difficult for us. But still, somehow, we manage to enlist the best free alternatives to LetMeWatchThis.


Letmewatchthis alternatives

PopcornFlix is one of the best alternatives to LetMeWatchThis. It can fulfill all your entertainment-related needs from a wide variety of content. It boasts a vast library full of movies, tv-series, and viral videos.

It has a pretty neat and straightforward yet appealing interface. The user interface gives the vibe of Netflix. On the homepage, you can see popular movies and just below that you’ll see the movies categorized according to the genre.

It offers a massive collection of movies in different genres and languages. There are much better chances that you’ll find the movie you’re looking for.


Let me watch this clone

Afdah is basically a web scrapper that indexes multiple online streaming sites. It means they don’t host any movie or TV series on their server. Instead, they give you links of sources where the origin site has uploaded the file.

Being a web scrapper, Afdah offers a massive collection of movies, TV series, and other visual content. Which means you can find nearly all kinds of movies and video series here. It makes Afdah a prior choice for anyone looking for LetMeWatchThis TV alternative.

It offers a pretty neat and clean UI. It makes it more appealing to audiences. For anyone having a huge appetite for binge-watching, Afdah is the place for you to dine.


let me watch this alternatives

SolarMovie is another great alternative to Let Me Watch This. Content-wise, you’ll never get bored from SolarMovie. Instead of hosting content on their server, SolarMovie uses third-party servers.

It has a very eye-catchy user interface. Orange pallet with large thumbnails gives a soothing effect on the eyes of the users. On top of that, they have categorized movies as per genre and languages. Even you can specifically search country-wise for movies and TV shows.


It is yet another popular platform for watching movies and TV series for free. Due to copyright and other issues, they often need to change their domain address to continue offering their services. It has a huge collection of the latest TV shows and movies. Furthermore, they have an additional section for all the upcoming movies and TV series too.

It boasts a pretty nice and clean user interface that looks much appealing and very easier to navigate. That makes finding your favorite movie much easy. Overall, they are providing top quality visual content entirely free from advertisements.


letmewatchthis alternative

WatchMovieStream has gained great recognition among movie lovers in the past few years. They hold a license for the public domain to stream movies online. It means you don’t need to worry about piracy and other stuff.

All the movies from WatchMovieStream’s library are entirely free to watch. The site gets updated weekly, which means you can find recent releases too. You can filter movies by names, genre, year, etc. It also provides a search box where you can directly enter the movie name and enjoy watching. The only sad part is that it is an ad-supported platform. But since everything is free, these ads are acceptable. It could be a great alternative to LetMeWatchThis TV.

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